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About Us

Record at Evenform Sound Studios and experience the satisfaction of hearing your audio project come to life with flawless digital clarity. Located convienantly in the "Gleenwood South" area of Raleigh, our spacious facility provides a professional, relaxed environment stocked with industry-standard gear and knowledgable engineers. Capable in all genres, the team at our Raleigh recording facility aim to please not only the client, but also to meet the expectations of the broader industry and radio audiences. We take pride in the time we devote and the quality we achieve on each and every recording we create.

We provide tracking, editing, and mixing services in addition to turn-key packages, and employ the Pro Tools production platform, ensuring the total portability of your project.

As musicians we understand the importance of a quality recording -- and the lasting disappointment that a poor recording can cause for a band or performer. Years of trial and error have given us the industry experience and technical proficiency to deliver to our clients a truly polished product. We want to satisfy the customer, because we have been the customer. We produce a radio-quality sound. We know that music is a delicate art and we want to help create the sound you have been searching for...

Full Service Recording Studio

At Evenform Recording Studio we provide all that you need from equipment to staff to the studio itself. And the cool thing is: we are conveniently located. As a Raleigh Recording Studio we are convenient to Durham, Chapel Hill, and all surrounding areas. So, give us a call today to find out how we can help you record that album you're looking for.

  I love working with Evenform. I can have creative control with the help of professional opinion, a prosound, and a really comfortable environment!
  Erik Smallwood
Erik Smallwood Trio


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