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Working at Evenform Recording Studio, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, there is a sense of professionalism that is unlike any other. Offering a wide variety of industry related services, Evenform is a full service recording studio. Our range of services includes Recording, Mixing, Engineering, and Producing by our qualified team of Raleigh Recording Engineers. Check out each one of our services below:

Recording a Band

The first day is spent tracking the drums. Usually, everyone will play and be recorded with the exception of the vocalist. Sometimes, the drummer may track by himself if planning to record to a click track. Generally, guitars, bass, etc. are re-tracked and punched (for correction) after the drums are completed. The vocalist is often times needed to conduct the band and to make sure that there are no parts of songs left out. The drum tracks should be recorded and the tones will be worked on and dialed up on the first day or two of the recording. Keys, Horns, Percussion etc. can be recorded after the primary rhythm tracks are done if there are no parts that rhythm tracks have to sync to.

Only the performers that are actually recording need be present to record their parts after the primary rhythm tracks are recorded unless there is a producer of the project. No one needs to be present for the editing. Samples can be added after the songs are mixed down unless there is a sample with a rhythm to sync to. It is not necessary for anyone to be present for the mix but, it is up to the band as far as who attends the mix session. I recommend that only one or two people attend the mix session. Select the person(s) that is the producer of the band. Someone who will listen the mix and not individual instruments. Someone who understands the collective compromise on how the band should be mixed. I do produce artist if they ask me to. I don't charge more for this but, I'm very picky so sometimes the recording process can usually take longer. Ultimately, whoever is commissioning the project has final say so with me. So, make sure that you guys and that person or those people are in an agreement with one another on how the project should sound.

Recording Rap

First thing first. There is a 2 hour minimum. Anything less than 2 hours is a waste of a drive for the staff at Evenform Studio. Second practice your material have things ready. Rarely, do people freestyle in the studio and if they do it generally takes longer than expected. Third have a CD with your beat or music on it. Stereo two track wav file or individual wav files work best. Fourth I strongly recommend Rap, Hip hop artist to bring there own harddrives. Due to going in and out of other studios so much. Last but not least last min sessions including radio edit mixing, recording, remixing and mastering. Will cost time and a half.

  I love working with Evenform. I can have creative control with the help of professional opinion, a prosound, and a really comfortable environment!
  Erik Smallwood
Erik Smallwood Trio


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